Antsy to Solve Your Pest Problem?

Antsy to Solve Your Pest Problem?

Get rapid ant extermination services in Englewood or Dayton, OH

The sight of ants swarming over leftovers can make anyone's skin crawl. Because these pests can contaminate food, you should take care of your ant problem right away. Free Bee Pest Control can get rid of the infestation once and for all without busting your budget.

Call 937-242-6170 now to get a free estimate for ant extermination services. We'll also inspect your Englewood or Dayton, OH property free of charge.

What type of ants are you dealing with?

To solve your ant problem, you need to know your enemy. Common ants found in Englewood and Dayton, OH include...

Odorous house ants - dark brown and black ants with an appetite for sweets, meat and grease
Carpenter ants - large black and red ants with an appetite for destruction (of wood, that is)
Pavement ants - outdoor ants commonly found under stones, in mulch and within walls
Pharaoh ants - small yellow ants with distinctive red and black markings

Depending on the species, we'll set out baits or apply an interior and exterior perimeter treatment. Contact us today to learn about your ant extermination options.