Shine a Lot on Your Pest Problem

Shine a Lot on Your Pest Problem

We provide effective cockroach extermination services for common species in Englewood and Dayton, OH

Blink and you'll miss them - cockroaches are speedy critters that love to lurk in damp, dark spaces. To help you identify the type of pest living in your Englewood or Dayton, OH home, Free Bee Pest Control has provided a helpful list of cockroach habitats. Call 937-242-6170 to get cockroach extermination services tailored to your needs.

You can typically find...

German cockroaches in containers, boxes and cabinets
Oriental cockroaches in crawl spaces, sewer drains and mulch
Pennsylvania wood cockroaches in woodpiles, hollow trees and garages
American cockroaches in boiler rooms, near steam pipes and under floor drains

Still not sure what type of pest you're dealing with? Schedule a free inspection today so we can pinpoint your roach problem.

Cockroaches won't take the bait if the same formula is used repeatedly. So, we rotate baits every few weeks as part of our cockroach extermination services. Your infestation in Englewood or Dayton, OH will be eliminated in no time.

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